Musing Mondays is hosted by Rebecca at Just One More Page.

Today she asks:

“Do you have to carve out time in your day for reading (due to work and other obligations), or does your reading just happen naturally? (Question courtesy of MizB)”

I never really schedule my reading time.  Most of my reading gets done between my last class for the day and dinner; the time spent depends on how much homework I have to do, but I almost always have time to read for a little while at least.

If Ryan’s really into a book, it’s easier to get reading time in after dinner because we’ll sit and read together.

And, of course, I listen to audiobooks as well which allows me to sneak in “reading time” while I’m driving, knitting, cleaning, etc.  There’s not a certain hour of the day when I always feel like reading, so I’m glad I don’t have to try and schedule time for it.

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